Peer Vs. Peer

         In high school the only time I have experienced peer review was my senior year while we were writing our senior thesis. The experience I had could have been better. We only did the peer review once in the process of writing our paper. We were all in pairs of two and we were given an evaluation sheet. We swapped papers and one person would stay at the desk and the other would rotate and take both essay and evaluation paper with them. I did not like how my teacher did that because we did not have enough time to actually sit down and evaluate the paper really good. I did not have such a good experience because my classmate who ended up writing most of the comments was wrong with what she wrote. She wanted to change things about my paper that when my teacher reviewed it said she loved. All of the comments she had written on my paper had me feel like my whole paper was terrible when in fact it was her who was wrong.

           I’m sure in college it will be different with peer review but from this peer review experience I hope to get the correct constructive criticism so that I can fix the errors that are in my paper and make it better.  With the first mini peer reviews of our introductions my classmate found a grammar error that I skipper over. I was very glad that she spotted it out and I immediately corrected it. I really appreciate that part about peer review because simple mistakes like that are easy to miss when you have read your paper a million times. Overall peer review is a great help when done correct. 🙂


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